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Tips to Improve a Senior’s Mental Well-Being

Tips to Improve a Senior's Mental Well-Being

Many seniors suffer from depression. After retirement, they may struggle with loneliness due to their declining physical abilities and dwindling contacts with friends. This often leads to poor mental and physical health.

So for you or your senior loved ones, here are some tips to boost your mental health.

  • Get moving.
    Exercise does not only benefit the body but also the mind. When you stay active, you get rid of anxiety and depression, thus boosting your overall mood. You can also take advantage of senior care services to assist you with your exercise routines.
  • Talk to someone about your concerns.
    It’s always easier to manage problems when you have someone who listens to you. People you can talk to include family, friends, and even counselors. If you live in an adult family home in Washington, you can turn to your caregivers or your fellow residents for advice.
  • Change your mindset.
    This isn’t easy. But if you try to change your perspective about yourself and accept the limitations that come with aging, it’ll be so much easier to eliminate negative thoughts when they come. One thing that can greatly help with this is surrounding yourself with optimistic friends.

At Bellevue Rose AFH Inc., we consider that aging well doesn’t only equate to having a healthy body. That’s why at our senior care home in Bellevue, Washington, we provide services that cover all the aspects of wellness.

Talk to us if you want to know more. We provide dementia care as well as other mental health services.

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