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Guidelines in Providing Seniors with Personal Care

Guidelines in Providing Seniors with Personal Care

Personal care is the basic responsibility of every person. It is essential for health and personal grooming. Cleanliness helps protect a person from illnesses. This is why the importance of cleanliness for people of every age can’t be stressed enough.

Through personal care, a person can safeguard his or her health while boosting self-confidence at the same time. Personal care is a basic self-responsibility of people of every age, especially for seniors. It also plays an important role when it comes to dementia care.

Unfortunately, some people struggle with personal care. For seniors and physically challenged individuals, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to maintain hygiene, let alone take care of themselves. This is evident in our adult family home in Washington.

Despite the obvious need for assistance, some seniors are still reluctant to get assistance from others. They feel like doing so would compromise their dignity, privacy, and self-esteem. Given this, caregivers must keep in mind that they need to reassure seniors before assisting them.

Earning the senior’s trust is just the beginning. To keep you guided, below is a list of essential things to remember when providing seniors with personal care.

  • Keep the elder relaxed by initiating natural conversation.
  • Make sure that a towel or clothing is readily available for a cover-up.
  • Ensure that the bathroom floor is not wet and slippery.
  • Choose high-quality incontinence aids and devices.
  • Allow the senior to be independent as much as possible.

Bellevue Rose AFH Inc., a senior care home in Bellevue, Washington, is more than willing to accommodate the caregiving needs of your senior loved ones! Call us for inquiries.

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