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Dementia Care Tips for Caregivers: Visual Cues

Dementia Care Tips for Caregivers: Visual CuesDementia is a group of symptoms affecting memory and social ability. It generally involves memory and is commonly caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia symptoms vary depending on their different causes.

At Bellevue Rose AFH Inc., we understand that it is important to give extra care to people who are suffering from dementia. Thus, our dementia care home guarantees the best services for your senior loved one.

People with dementia may experience these psychological changes:

  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations

These challenges are often brought about by the confusion that most dementia patients experience. To remedy these problems, our senior care home in Bellevue, Washington suggests using visual cues or cards at home to guide your elderly.

Visual cues are images or labels that contain an image of a certain object or room. These cues are best placed in key areas that your senior frequents, such as their bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, the comfort room, and more.

When making visual cues, make sure to use matte laminating paper to prevent a shiny surface that is hard to read. Aside from that, cues are best placed at your elderly’s eye level.

Visual cues are often used in dementia care in case a dementia patient forgets certain aspects of their home. Familiarization is important for dementia patients, as it is found that some seniors who have dementia can travel alone from point A to point B because of familiar landmarks.

These labels are used throughout our adult family home in Washington to guide our residents wherever they go. We also make sure to color code for specific areas so that seniors can remember their way around better.

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