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Common Causes of Sleep Problems in Seniors

Common Causes of Sleep Problems in Seniors

Sleep is vital in maintaining better mood, physical health, and brain health for older adults. However, seniors – both living at home or at an adult family home in Washington – are often prone to suffering from sleep problems.

What are the causes of sleep problems in seniors? Here’s a list of the most common ones to pay attention to:

  • Underlying medical problems
    Older adults who suffer from heart and lung conditions, urinary problems, mood problems, neurodegenerative disorders, and painful conditions are mostly the ones who can’t get quality sleep at night. Those who need dementia care as well as those who suffer from medication side effects can be added to this list too.
  • SRBD
    Otherwise known as sleep-related breathing disorders, SRBD is an umbrella term that refers to those issues related to how people breathe while asleep. Sleep apnea, one of the most common ones, causes obstructions in one’s breathing passages during sleep.
  • RLS
    Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is the type of condition that makes a senior suffer from the sensation of restlessness, itching, and crawling while trying to fall asleep. It’s a problem because it’s associated with sleep-onset insomnia, anxiety, and depression among older adults who need senior care services.

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