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Fun Games for Seniors With Dementia

fun-games-for-seniors-with-dementiaDementia is the loss of a person’s cognitive function affecting their daily life and activities. This condition is most common in older adults. If you have an elderly loved one with dementia, it is important to make sure to engage them in fun games and activities that stimulate their thinking capabilities.

As a trusted Senior Care Home in Bellevue, Washington, Bellevue Rose AFH Inc. recommends the following activities that you may try with your loved ones:

  • Trivia games
    There are a wide variety of topics that can be included in your trivia night. This will help your loved ones remember historical events, famous movies or celebrities, and a whole lot more.
  • Jigsaw puzzles
    A simple jigsaw game is also a fun idea with your loved ones. Looking for and trying out which pieces would go together is a good mental exercise for your loved ones. As part of the recommended dementia care, you can start with small-sized puzzles to help your loved ones learn about the game and follow on.
  • Bingo
    Playing bingo is shown to be popular with the elderly. It is also beneficial for seniors with dementia as it provides the right level of mental stimulation. A bingo night is also a great idea for a fun group activity in a Dementia Care Home to bring together their patients and interact with each other.

Bellevue Rose AFH Inc. is an Adult Family Home in Washington that provides a secure senior care home for the elderly. With the assistance of our trusted and experienced caregivers, we make sure to provide comfort as well as engaging activities to your senior loved ones. For more information, you may reach us at 425-643-8153 | 425-417-3840.

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