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Convincing a Senior with Dementia to Take Medicine

Convincing a Senior with Dementia to Take Medicine

Getting someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia to take their medicine is a challenge to even those who are seasoned in Senior Care Services. We know you’re frustrated, but this rejection is normal. It could be a response to being confused or afraid of what your senior is being asked to do.

While we must always exercise patience for patients in Dementia Care, not being able to drink medication can also put your senior in danger. That’s why Bellevue Rose AFH Inc. is here to share with you a few handy tips in getting your loved one to drink their meds:

  • Create a calm environment.

    Loud noises like the TV or music can agitate your senior. So take them to a calm and quiet room.

  • Don’t ignore the side-effects.

    Every medication has its own side effects, and these could be the reasons why you’re senior refuses to take their medication. If you suspect that this is the issue, speak to your loved one’s doctor immediately.

  • The power of compounding.

    If your senior faces difficulty drinking their medication, perhaps it’s time to use compounding services. Speak to your doctor and your local pharmacy to see if this option is available.

  • Use short sentences.

    Going into a conversation about why your senior needs to take their medicine can only confuse them more. Instead, what the caregivers in our Adult Family Home in Washington do is to use short, direct sentences to get their seniors to take a pill.

We hope these tips work for you. If you’ve got questions. Feel free to call our Senior Care Home in Bellevue, Washington. Just dial 425-643-8153 to get in touch.

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