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Brain Exercises for Dementia Patients

brain-exercises-for-dementia-patientsCaring for seniors with dementia is no simple task. On top of their health demands, it is not easy to watch your loved ones slowly have trouble recognizing their own friends and family.

But there are some things you can still do to help your loved ones keep their memory strong, stimulate their brain, support the growth of new brain cells, and delay the effects of dementia.

Bellevue Rose AFH Inc. is here to give you some tips that we often give to families under our Senior Care Services. Take a look:

  • Help your senior learn a new skill
  • Find them fun online memory games or video games
  • Include them in fun family game nights
  • Buy them crossword puzzles, and other brain-stimulating games
  • Sign them up for local adult education classes like pottery-making, painting, etc.

These activities are fun, senior-friendly, and easy to find. Plus, since all ages can enjoy these, they can be a perfect way for the family to bond during visits to your loved one’s Senior Care Home in Bellevue, Washington.

Don’t worry. Dementia Care can ensure that your loved ones receive assistance while they enjoy their activities throughout the day on days that you’re not around.

We hope these tips help you out. If you’re ever in need of help looking after your loved one or looking for an Adult Family Home in Washington, you’re in the right place.

Just give us a call at 425-643-8153 or 425-417-3840 to set an appointment.

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